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#1 2007-08-15 12:22:22

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How do I try out for the comic?

Eventually we'll have a page on the site where you can upload your photos, right now you can use and post them here or email me a link.

Another option if you don't want to join is to email me photos and snail mail me this form->

I'll email you my full name and physical address on request.

A few guidelines->

1) You must define your pictures as both "to use commercially" and "modify, adapt, or build upon" otherwise I cannot legally use them. Information on Creative Commons->

2) Don't look at the camera.

3) Try to shoot your pictures against a background of a solid color. This makes them much easier to work with.

4) I need shots that convey a lot of different emotions. The more photos you take and the more expressions you make to better your chances of getting a part.

5) I only need shots from the neck up. Your head will be composited against existing shots of the costumes. However if you have a costume of your own, feel free to include a second series of shots in multiple poses. I may be able to use it.

Ideally the best environment would be outdoors on a cloudy day (to minimize shadows.)

Most parts will be for extras, but I still have quite a few speaking roles yet to cast, and even a couple main characters. If your character has any dialogue I'll send you a free copy of that issue smile

6) I do need you to email me your full legal name, and if you want a chance to get free issues I'll need a mailing address.

Thanks, and break a leg :p



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